Running Log

Running Log is a service provided by This site allows you to register for a free account to track your runs. To register for an account, Register Here. Already have an account, Sign In Here.


  • Log your runs and record the run date, distance, time. Additionally, you can include information such as temperature, weather conditions, difficulty, the course you ran, and other comments. You can also indicate the people that ran you ran with.
  • View runs in multiple formats. You can view a table of runs with their details or show runs in our monthly calendar.
  • Analyze different aspects of you training by viewing only runs that fit a particular criteria. You can specify a distance range, temperature range, or date range to view. This allows you to see your training progress.
  • Keep track of your races.
  • Map out your courses.
  • Create graphs to better analyze your training.
  • Keep track of the mileage on your running shoes.
  • Record other cross training activities.